James Allen True Heart vs Ideal Cut: Which is better?

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James Allen has a variety of different diamonds available in the online store. You would find more than 35000 shapes and configurations to choose from. However, the most popular cuts have been the ideal cut and true hearts cut.

As we already know, the quality of a diamond is determined by the manner in which it is cut and grinded. An ideally cut diamond offers great workmanship when it is crafted by cutting it in perfect symmetry.

The true heart cut has the same perfection when it comes to cutting and grinding; however, it has naturally rare internal symmetry. In this article, we will compare both the aforementioned diamonds in detail.

By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the most value-adding and exquisite diamond that you would normally ignore whilst shopping online.

If you are new to the diamond world and want to design the perfect engagement ring for your fiancee then you should start from the portion of our comparison where we have explained what a true heart and an ideal cut is. So, let’s get started with the comparison.

James Allen True Heart vs Ideal Cut


The true heart diamond cut is available at James Allen stores only. The company has patented the name ‘true heart’ so you would never see any other jewelry designer using this name. However, the real terminology used in the diamond market for such cuts is hearts and arrows. You can find the hearts and arrows in every jewelry store under various brand names.

The ideal cut, on the other hand, is a standard name used for a zero AGS-rated ideal diamond. You can find it anywhere, whether it is the James Allen store or some local designer.

Quality and symmetry

Quality is never an issue in either of the two diamond cuts, however, the true heart cut is slightly better than the ideal cut because it has better symmetry. Internal symmetry is not something that you can change by grinding or cutting.

The true hearts cut is that perfect class of diamond cuts that are cut ideally whilst the interior is perfectly symmetrical to ensure that the maximum is reflected without much leakage. The interior shows a soothing combination of hearts and arrows from the top. There is no doubt that a true heart cut has a clear edge over the ideal cut.


The true heart cut is made from an ideal cut that has perfect internal symmetry. The beautiful combination of 8 arrows and a heart each, makes it more eye-catching. However, this unique proportion of facets is vulnerable to rarity issues. You would rarely find a diamond exhibiting the soothing 8-8 symmetry.

The ideal cut is simple to find and make especially because it has no symmetry requirements. Only 1 to 2% of ideal-cut diamonds are shaped into true hearts because symmetry is rare. We would say that it is hard to find a true heart cut when compared to an ideal cut.

Brand value

As we have already said, the ideal cut is available at every other jewelry store. Basically, the only thing that you need to look for is a zero score in the AGS rating. The brand value is minimal as the name and design are similar wherever you go.

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However, the true heart cut has better brand value and goodwill than its contemporaries. It is actually the ‘hearts and arrows’ which is named true heart cut by James Allen. The name is patented so you are all set to receive a better brand value.


The purchase-defining feature that you should consider is the price you can afford. The ideal cut diamonds usually cost less than the true heart-cut diamonds.

The true heart cut is actually a “heart and arrow cut” which is very difficult to achieve and requires proper cutting and grinding of the diamond. We would suggest assessing if the cuts are worth spending cash on or not.

On occasions, you would find ideal-cut diamonds more attractive and shiny than the true heart cut offered by James Allen. In the end, it all depends on your budget. If your budget is limited then you should prefer an ideal cut diamond because it offers a better proportion of value.

However, if your preference is to purchase a more luxurious diamond, then we suggest purchasing a true heart cut. It is expensive but it surely allows you to flex your love at parties.

What is an ideal heart cut?

The American Gem Society (AGS) has named it ‘ideal’ because it is of ideal quality. The diamond quality is measured on a scale of 0 to 10. A diamond with poorly cut edges and average light dispersion will be placed at 10.

On the other hand, a diamond with ideal edges will get a 0 score on the quality scale. This means that an ideal cut diamond will be the one with a zero on the cut grading scale.

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The cut grade is normally measured using two different scales. AGS, as we have already discussed, has an ‘ideal’ category, which is preceded by the ‘excellent’ category where slightly inferior diamonds are placed. GIA (the other grade measuring scale) contains an ‘excellent cut’ tier that is a combination of the two aforementioned categories.

You need to check if the diamond qualifies the categories that we have mentioned. Do not confuse yourself between the ‘excellent’ AGS and the ‘excellent cut’ of GIA.

Furthermore, an ideal cut can only be achieved by cutting or grinding a round or princess diamond. If you are planning to buy an oval or a cushion-shaped diamond then the ideal cut is never a possibility.

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What is a true heart cut?

The true heart cut is a tiny but high-end class of the ‘ideal’ cut. An ideally cut diamond presents a set of 8 arrows from the top while a set of 8 hearts can be clearly seen from the bottom. The combination of 8 is usually considered an infinity sign so the giver is considered presenting his endless love to the partner.

Moreover, it is an extremely unique and rare class of diamonds. Cutting a diamond is an ideal shape and then grinding out an 8 by 8 proportion is a tough task. For this reason, only 1% to 2% of ideal diamonds have a true heart shape.

Which diamond cut looks the biggest?

Looking big has nothing to do with the class of diamonds. However, the thing that matters is the shape. The true heart shape is a shining and bright piece of brilliance as compared to the ideal cut.

This excessive shine makes your diamond look more eye-catching. Other than this, the round shape is perfect for those who want a bigger diamond. This shape is not as deep as other shapes available so all the weight and size are utilized to make the diamond broader and bigger.

The princess shape also works fine with the size enhancement. The cushion shape is never recommended for size-chasers because this particular class is deep so the majority of the weight is wasted in making the base or rather the cushion.

Are ideal-cut diamonds worth it?

An ideal cut is definitely worth it. It has a solid zero rating on the American Gem Society’s grading scale. It has fine cuts that look fascinating, like no other diamond cut category on the market. However, an ideally cut diamond might not have the perfect internal symmetry like the true hearts (hearts and arrows) but it offers great workmanship at a lower budget than the former.

The ideal cut is definitely the farthest that a company can go with its cutting and grinding methods. The ideal cut is always overshadowed by true hearts but is easily available at any online store. This cut is a standard-bearer on the AGA and GIA scale.

There is no chance that the customer would return unsatisfied with the cuts. However, if you prefer internal symmetry, you should go for true hearts (which is an ideally cut diamond).

Which cut of a diamond has the most sparkle?

This is a no-brainer if you have read our article already. The true heart cut has a perfect internal symmetry that allows it to reflect the majority of light without any leakage. Cloud formation inside the diamond is not a possibility when using the true hearts cut diamond.

The eight hearts below gather the light and reflect it to the eight arrow-shaped facets to keep it glowing. On the other hand, the ideal cut has considerably sharp cuts that promise maximum reflection but the symmetry is where it lags behind.

What is a true heart diamond?

A true heart cut diamond is amongst the most fascinating and bought products from James Allen. The diamond shape used in a true heart is either a round or a princess. On some occasions, you might find a cushion-shaped diamond with the same symmetry.

True hearts diamonds are undoubtedly the hearts and arrows cut pieces of brilliance that are sold online to make the customers buy the most valuable and rarest diamonds in the market.

What is an ideal cut diamond?

The ideal cut diamond, as we have already discussed, is a standard zero-rated AGS or GIA scale diamond. It offers great workmanship and maximum light reflection without the ideal internal symmetry. It is normally considered an inferior form of a true heart-cut diamond, which is not necessarily right. The cutting and grinding are almost perfect, but the only thing it lacks is natural symmetry.

James Allen True Heart vs Ideal Cut: Which is best?

The conclusion is very straightforward as we have discussed the prominent features. Buying a diamond is always an expensive investment to make. However, there are several classes of diamonds that you can find in the market. The ideal cut is a great diamond shape that is a standard-bearer when it comes to reflecting light and delivering quality.

The diamond is well-crafted to make it look more luxurious and classy at the same time. It is readily available at all online stores, and you can check the AGS or GIA grading to ensure that the store delivers quality products.

The True Heart Cut is the diamond cut made for the customer who has no budgetary restraint. It is a rare class of ideal-cut diamonds. The rarity and the infinite loop of love are worth investing your hard-earned cash in. The 8 hearts on the bottom and the same number of arrows on top define the quality of the shape that is on offer.

The internal symmetry is perfect for maximum reflection of light. It is the rarest species of diamond that you can buy. This is why we would recommend investing your hard-earned cash in a true heart cut if the budget is not a problem. Every partner deserves a rare, shiny, pretty, and flawless piece of brilliance fitted inside their ring.

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