What is a Promise Ring?

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A promise ring is a beautiful gesture that comes before the bigger step of engagement. If people want to go to the next level in a relationship without getting into the real adult relationship stuff, they choose to give their chosen one a promise ring. Now, this makes us wonder what a promise ring is. So, let’s see what a promise ring is.

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is a gesture of love and promise of fidelity towards the person they are giving the ring to. You also commit to the person to be with them for the long run.

A promise ring holds a lot of value for people who are not ready yet to commit to engagement. It is a very common practice and a lovely gesture to let your beloved know that you are in it with them through thick and thin.

So, who are the people who most commonly use promise rings?

This naturally leads to the question of who might be the people who would go for a promise ring, because if you are in love and want to commit to that person, then why not just get engaged? Well, there are still some exceptions and the thought behind it is also very interesting.

Medical Students:

Medical students who meet either in college or during their residency are not yet ready to commit to engagement due to the college fees and financial constraints. So if they want to commit to someone they love, they have to buy them an engagement ring.

However, if they choose to use the promise ring the love they are willing to offer and the commitment will stand and they will be loyal to you with this gesture of love. This would also be a confirmation that this person is my long-run one, and they won’t walk away in the face of difficulty but stand by me.

Long-distance relationships:

Long-distance relationships are already as hard as they are. But if you know you love them and you have chosen them for their beautiful personality and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

This is a simple way of showing them that you would be interested in maintaining a long-distance relationship with the promise and commitment of fidelity and love towards one another, no matter how long the distance might be.


Teenagers often find their soul mates in school or college and become seriously involved, they even move in together and choose to be with one another. However, sealing the bond with an engagement ring may be a step too big for them. Hence, the promise ring is the perfect solution to the problem.

This keeps their relationship strong and growing; they can see the light at the end of the tunnel and plan a future for themselves knowing that this is a temporary phase and whenever they can get a job and settle down financially they will announce their love to the world with the next step.

How long should you wait to give a promise ring?

In relationships, there often comes a time when people want to commit to each other and even talk about engagements, weddings, marriage, and children.

This is very common in Western culture where people end up living with each other for over 2 years, and haven’t leaped. However, this does not have anything to do with them not wanting to marry each other or live with each other.

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It’s just that the belief system and their family’s culture sometimes may not be too focused on marriage. So when you have been in a long-term relationship and want to make your other half feel like they are more valuable to you than they can imagine the smallest gesture you can make is to give them a promise ring.

As has been seen in many cases people have children before they even get married, so financial constraints are not generally the reason why people will not opt to go for engagement, but a promise ring is a way to bypass the engagement and just wholly commit to your loved one.

What do you say when giving a promise ring?

A promise ring giving can be as great a gesture as a proposal, you can make it extremely intimate like Chandler and Monica from Friends, or you could make a flashy huge gesture like some Youtubers like to do for the content. Either way, it does not change the significance of the day and the moment. So some things you can say can be the following:

  • think of all the wonderful things that this person has brought into your life
  • how you have changed for the better
  • the obstacles you faced together as a couple
  • the love that keeps you together
  • the moment you first met and the impact they made on you

These and many other things that you felt with this person can all be said in a condensed version as you do not want to make the speech too long. Make sure what you say is heartfelt and that you know that whatever you are saying is coming from a place of love and commitment.

What finger does a promise ring go on?

Like an engagement ring, a promise ring also is worn on the ring finger. The ring finger is the finger that has veins connecting to the heart. Hence, most people believe that wearing a ring of commitment on this finger keeps the person closer to your heart and hence, you value it more.

The bond and connection are deepened by it being physically close to your heart. Hence men and women wear rings in opposing hands, to seal the bond of love.

What does a promise ring look like?

There are a variety of styles and designs you can choose from for your promise ring. A promise ring can have just as much flair as an engagement ring or as little as a band. Hence, you need to consider the taste of the wearer and what they would feel comfortable wearing every day.

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Always remember when buying a promise ring always talk to your jeweler through the process so that they can guide you with the best option to go with. The jewelers are experts in the industry and will help you figure out just what you need.

So there are a few options you can consider and they are mentioned below:

Small diamond ring:

Of course who says no to a diamond ring, but you need to keep in mind that this is after all a promise ring and you do not want it to be so good that an engagement ring may shy away in front of the promise ring.

Design Your Own

Hence, when going for a diamond ring, you may want to go for the smaller ones with a sleeker design and a smaller diamond. A 0.25ct or lower than that is common among the people who are choosing promise rings.

Subtle but classy band:

A simple band, that can be bejeweled with gems or engraved with text, is always the most subtle and classy thing to choose. It represents your love the same way a diamond ring would. Also, you do have the option to have it engraved or bejeweled with gemstones of your or their liking.

Birthstone ring:

A birthstone ring is a very thoughtful choice. It not only represents the fact that they know you well but also that they put in the effort to find your birthstone and have it placed inside the ring. Also, a birthstone ring is much easier to wear every day.

Cluster Ring:

A cluster ring is a ring that contains lots of smaller jewels and gemstones that are clustered together to form a beautiful ring, hence the name. It can be worn on either finger or hand and it will still hold the same meaning. It is also a grand gesture of love.


A promise ring whether it is bejeweled with diamonds or gemstones or even a band that is engraved is still a promise ring and holds the same meaning.

It is a powerful and extremely sentimental gift from one loved one to another, a promise to behold and withstand all the difficulties and stay true to their love for each other.

When you do not want to step into adulthood and quickly deal with all the things that an engagement or a marriage brings, instead you want to live in the moment and enjoy it.

This is where a promise ring can help you commit yourself to your personal and show your love and appreciation and your emotions in the truest and most raw form. Promise rings are a wonderful gesture and should be well celebrated.

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