Mood Ring Color Meanings + Chart | Should You Believe?

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There are many stories about how mood rings came into being. All of the stories you may hear or read about come from some reliable source.

However, the one that is often found is where Joshua Reynolds a New York Street Marketing Executive came up with the Mood Ring idea. He developed the ring and marketed it as a biofeedback aid.

Since he was a marketing executive, he used his connections to convince one of the luxury department stores to sell the rings that he had designed.

The rings were considered a luxury item and were both available in silver and gold plated designs. The silver-plated designs retailed at $45 each. While the gold-plated rings retailed at $500 each. Now, let’s see how it actually works.

How do the Mood Rings work?

The ring consists of thermo-tropic liquid crystals that respond to the heat temperature of the human body or the energy flow. The rings when worn on the fingers reflect the mood based on the blood flow that is regulated by the autonomic nervous system.

The rings change color based on the temperature, and according to some, they reflect the energy surrounding the ring. This made its use in the spiritual contact with the spirits and many mediums started using the mood rings to communicate with the spirits as they would change the color of the ring to depict what they wanted to say with emotions.

Mood Ring Color Meanings + Chart

The colors on the rings are a way to find out, how you are feeling. Hence, it’s called a mood ring. So, let’s see what the most common colors are and what their meanings are.


Black Ring often depicts a very stressful mood and a tense person. However, there is another reason you may see this color and the ring may turn black after 2 years of being made.

As it does have a lifetime of 2 years. So if the ring is consistently black and you do not know why and do not remember when you bought it there is a chance it may have died.


Dark brown or yellowish brown depicts that you the wearer of the ring are stressed, restless, and tense and are going through feelings of fear, angst, and aggravation.


The Green color is the one you may often see on the mood ring. It results when the body temperature is at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It also depicts that the person is in a serene mood and is not affected by any moods in general.

Light blue

A light blue mood ring is associated with calmness, when the person wearing the ring is calm and not stressed that is when the color of the ring changes to light blue.

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Dark Blue

Similar to light blue the dark blue on a mood ring reflects that the person is even more deeply relaxed and calm so when you see these colors do not panic as they mean no harm and depict calmness.

Royal Blue

The Royal Blue color is also a color belonging to the blue color category which is about relaxation. Hence, this color also depicts a deep and intensely calm person.

Blue Green

The mixed color of blue and green means that you are calm and relaxed yet alert. This is depicted by the blue colors, which mean relaxation and calmness, while the green color shows up when the person is alert.


A purple ring is when you have mental clarity and the desire to achieve your dreams. The person wearing it feels a sense of purpose and clarity about their future and how they intend to pursue it.

Purple Violet

The purple-violet color depicts the emotional state of romance and feeling very happy, loved, and passionate.


Pink is a color of love in life and so it is on the mood ring. When your mood ring turns pink it means that you may have feelings of love, infatuation, or pure happiness. Affection received or felt towards someone may also make the ring turn pink. So will the feeling of warmth inside you.


Orange and its ranges such as light or dark orange may mean aggression, nervousness, or exasperation. All the tones of orange will signify feelings of worry.

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The color yellow on the mood ring may mean that you are feeling very nervous in your surroundings. Feelings that trigger nervousness will resonate in the ring with a yellow color.


Amber Ring is also a shade of yellow and constitutes the same emotional feelings of nervousness and unhappiness. You may get an amber shade when you are unhappy or sad.


A Violet ring just like purple may mean that you are feeling loved and emotionally satisfied and happy.

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A grey-colored ring may signify stress and anxiety. Hence, when you see this color and realize that you are battling anxiety try to calm yourself down.


When the red color pops up on the ring that might mean that you are feeling scared or excited, both emotions may trigger the same neurological response in the body which may mean either of them.

Bright Red

Angry, shocked, excited, and loved, a mixture of emotions can be depicted by the different shades of red. But do notice that all of these emotions have the same neurological response in the body, the butterflies in the stomach can be felt on all of these occasions.

Light Red

Light red is another shade of red that is associated with feelings of passion, romance, love, and excitement. At the same time, the light red ring can depict anger, shock, and fear.

Where did mood rings come from?

As discussed earlier the Mood rings were created by a New York marketing executive, who used the thermotropic liquid crystals that are placed inside the ring.

The ideation behind it is the thermometer used to check the body temperature of different patients in the early 1970s. the strip of thermotropic liquid was placed on the foreheads of the people and it would light up at the given temperatures.

That led to the development of rings that would take into account the temperature of your body and depict your emotions.

Should I believe my mood ring’s color?

A lot of people bought mood rings when they initially came out and they became very popular among many celebrities very quickly because of their features.

However, some people later on in the years did some research to see if the mood rings really depict the mood perfectly. Some scientists have disproven the mood rings, while others firmly believe in the ability of the mood rings to depict the mood of each person perfectly.

People have also noted that due to the mass production of the rings over the years, the quality has declined, and a lot of lead content can now be found in the rings. This may be one of the factors that may have caused the quality of the rings to be bad and unable to depict the mood of the person perfectly.

Does mood jewelry actually work?

There are many theories out there about how mood rings are a fun way to get to know your own personality and how you may be reacting to certain situations without even knowing about it. However, some scientists who did experiments on these rings failed to note the changes in the colors of the rings.

Of course, for the tests to work the person actually needs to feel the emotions for the ring to reflect that and we cannot be sure if those tests were a hundred percent accurate. Even if it doesn’t work, it still is a pretty fashionable and funky ring and jewelry that people do like to adorn, unless it turns black.

Also while we are talking about the ring working properly, we cannot skip the part that you must prevent from getting wet. Because it is known among the sellers and buyers of mood rings and jewelry that if you get water on it, the ring will stop working. There are some rings and jewelry that are water resistant however it is best to keep them safely away from water.

How does the mood ring work?

For the mood ring to work properly, you need to wear it on either your finger or your neck and ensure that it touches your skin. The whole idea of the mood ring is to be able to get the temperature of the body and then reflect that with fascinating colors. If it does not touch the skin it may not get a proper reading.

However, it is said that mood rings can also pick up on the energy of the person. This is why they were also used by a lot of mediums to communicate with spirits. Since spirits are mostly energy these rings helped the mediums understand the emotions of the spirits.

Why the colors aren’t accurate?

The colors of most of the rings and jewelry are accurate and reflect the emotions of the person who is wearing them. However, there are rings that are unable to get the right reading, and people are unable to justify the colors of the rings and make a connection.

The colors can quickly move between different stages and sometimes you can find one that the color may give you a mixture of two or three colors and your body temperature may be wavering. Hence all that can be said is just enjoy the pretty colors and not think too much of it.

Also one should be able to analyze their own behavior and feelings without having to require the need to wear a ring. Just remember to have fun with it and not take it too seriously.

What do you do if you are feeling a certain way and the ring does not show that?

First of all, do not buy it for its accuracy in depicting moods. You can buy it for fun or as an experiment, and since you know yourself better than anyone else. You do not need to feel anxious when the ring fails to reflect your mood.

Remember that it is just a ring and it can give a wrong reading your feelings and emotions are the real things here and they are valid. So, always prioritize what you are feeling rather than what is being indicated by the ring.


To conclude, the Mood ring is a fascinating trinket. It has been loved by many people and many people have earned a lot of money from it. The mood rings are a fun trinket to see how you feel and you may be able to get the right reading on your mood and understand yourself a bit better.

It is also wise to remember that no one knows you better than yourself. So do not trust every shade it throws at you and try to remember that only your emotions and feelings are valid.

However, while you are out there and want something fancy and fun, feel free to buy this beautiful ring that was a rage in its time and still fascinates a lot of people.

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