Jobs That Don’t Allow Nose Piercings

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Nose piercings have been a part of many cultures over the years. However lately piercings themselves on any part of the body have become a norm.

The piercings may be considered harmless, appropriate, and even loved, but there are some cultures that do not appreciate nose rings, especially in a workplace or a corporate environment the nose piercings may be considered outright inappropriate. Hence, we thought we should look into which jobs do not allow Nose Piercings.

Can nose piercings stop you from getting a job?

The Institute of Education Sciences did a study to gauge the popularity of piercings among students and the results showed that among male students 28 percent had piercings while among female students the percentage was 70.

The increasing interest of youngsters in piercings and the bias associated with this jewelry can seriously hinder the creation of professional opportunities for them. Also, the recruiters do also have a bias when it comes to hiring people with piercings because these piercings have been associated with rebellious and unprofessional behavior.

This is a serious thing that recruiters need to consider as they may be losing some very talented professionals. Regardless since the bias does exist, the chances of a person with multiple piercings getting a job are quite low.

What kinds of jobs do not allow nose piercings?

While some employers may be lenient with such piercings as nose rings, others look down on them. There are some jobs that will never hire a person with a nose piercing, some of those jobs are mentioned below:

Law Enforcement:

As frontline workers in the police force, the officers often have to apprehend suspects and criminals. This can sometimes turn into a chase, and it can become dangerous for police officers as they may get injured.

Hence to prevent any harm or danger to the frontline police officers, law enforcement agencies do not accept applicants with piercings.

Doctors, Nurses & Other Healthcare:

In the healthcare industry, the bias that a healthcare provider should look neat and clean is the predominant reason why people with piercings do not get hired.

Along with the fact that in this line of work, you will come across a range of individuals from varied backgrounds, who may not appreciate a healthcare professional and would end up not trusting such professionals.

Hence, to ensure that the decorum of the healthcare facilities is maintained and that all people who come to the hospital can trust their caregivers, this industry does not employ people with piercings.


A firefighter must be strong, agile, and coordinated in order to perform the job safely. It is unfortunate that some requirements for this career prohibit the wearing of nose piercings. Having piercings can put your safety at risk because they can interfere with breathing.

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Management and admin:

Managers in any area or field are required to have a dress code and decorum. Hence, when that dress code is not met the employer may decide not to go with the person with a nose piercing.

Since the nose piercing is already a very loud statement and can be eye-catching, it may cause the team to believe that the managers themselves are not great followers of the rules, and that can cause problems for companies.

Hence, the companies always choose people with no piercings to ensure decorum and the ability of the management to maintain strict professionalism.


Teaching is a profession where the perception of the parents and society has a great impact on the dress code of the educational institute. The rules for private and government schools are also different as the policies of some government schools may be more relaxed however private schools have a strict decorum and policy that requires all professionals to follow the dress code.

It is also important to note that while the notion of body modification may be becoming more acceptable among most communities, there are still people who believe that people working in such influential roles should be role models.

Legal professionals:

In the legal field, nose and other forms of piercings are looked down upon and legal employers do not prefer to hire people with piercings.

This is also a profession where a professional dress code is given a lot of importance. Hence, employers try not to hire people who have any kind of piercings and the lawyers are also encouraged to not get any piercings.

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Government Jobs:

Jobs in the government sector also have serious professional decorum and you have to meet with a number of different people from different backgrounds.

Hence, having a noticeable piercing such as a nose piercing can cause a lot of trouble for people as the bias of the people towards such piercings may interfere with the job.

Jobs that do allow Nose Piercings:

While there are some jobs that do not allow for any kind of body modification such as tattoos or nose piercings, there are other jobs that do allow nose piercings and body modifications.

Design Your Own

These are some of the more creative jobs where people can truly present themselves without any hesitation. In fact, these jobs encourage self-expression. Now, let’s look at the jobs that allow all kinds of piercings, including nose piercing.

Beauty industry:

The beauty industry is one of the careers where people will be able to present themselves and have the freedom of self-expression. This career has a broad spectrum of possibilities for those who choose to work here.

There are other careers within the spectrum of the beauty industry such as cosmetology and you always take courses to enhance your knowledge to not only start your own business but to learn the craft as best as you can.

This will open up many opportunities for you with bigger salons and even massage therapists. All these options will be open to you if you choose to work in them.

  • Three careers to consider in the beauty industry:
    • Hair Stylist
    • Nail Artist
    • Esthetician

IT Jobs:

IT jobs where people are solely chosen for their skills are also one of those spheres where you can get a job without much focus on your piercings and tattoos.

Modern technologies are areas where people are often chosen for the work they do and how well they do it. Your interest and knowledge of modern technology need to be wide enough to make an impression and show your proficiencies.

Creative fields:

Creative fields such as the following also are some of the options to consider as body modifications will not have an impact on your employment:

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Writer/Novelist
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design

If you have creative skills and really think that you can make an impression that will last then you can definitely opt for any of these fields. These are also some of the creative options that do not necessarily mean that you have to work from an office.

You can choose to work from home for any of these job opportunities and work with your clients on a one-on-one basis. Most people are now moving towards freelancing careers and these are definitely some that stand out.

Marketing and Creative agencies:

Marketing and creative agencies are constantly looking for people with creative insight that most people do not have. To ensure that people can come up with the best crazy out-of-the-box marketing strategies these agencies and companies need people with box thinking.

This is where you may even have an advantage if you have any nose piercings or body modifications as they will help set you apart and encourage the thought of you being a creative wizard.

Entertainment Industry:

The entertainment industry is one of the most influential industries and the most open-minded at one. You can be a YouTuber or a big movie or music pop star, and no one will think twice about how many tattoos you have on your body.

The color of your hair and the piercings will only enhance people’s interest in you and you will become more loved and admired. In fact, expressing your own individuality to stand out among a crowd is how you can become more recognizable and appreciated in the industry and among fans.

Construction industry:

People working in the construction industry are also hired for their great skills and not for the way they look. Hence, this is also one of the careers where you will not have to worry about any of those issues arising as long as you do the work.

Your work is what needs to stand out and in this area, there is a lot going on all the time so job security is also not an issue. Furthermore, this job does not require you to offer customer services, which grants you the freedom of self-expression.

The only problem that you may have to face is that due to the heavy-duty jobs and the kind of work, you may be asked to remove the piercings for safety reasons. Other than that you are good to go.

Personal Trainers:

A personal trainer is a job opportunity that is growing massively in the current age. With more and more people getting into fitness, your chance to become a good personal trainer with all the body modifications and nose piercings may actually get you more noticed and more clientele.

There are many gyms that hire people with body modifications and nose piercings and self-expression is well-accepted in this sphere of work.

Commercial drivers/heavy equipment operators:

Companies do not look for any special traits in people they want to hire as commercial drivers or heavy equipment operators, the only thing that a company is looking for is your ability to get the job done.

This means that all your body modifications and nose piercings will go out the window if you are worth your metal. You can work on heavy equipment or drive a vehicle for as many hours as you can and that will get you a good enough salary and you can still enjoy having your self-expression.

Should I remove my nose piercings for a job interview?

As mentioned above there are jobs where self-expression can be advantageous while there are some jobs that really look down upon such things. Hence, when you are going for an interview consider the industry and what kind of decorum is required and acceptable to them.

If you take the piercing out for the interview and decide to put it back in afterward and show up at the office with a piercing, what will be your employer’s reaction? This is a question, that will help you decide how you should present yourself in the interview.

Such revelations once you have been employed may still have an impact on your employment, hence, consider all your options and how you may be treated once they know about your nose piercing.


Nose piercings and other body modifications are a form of self-expression and everyone has a right to choose how they want to look. However, as we have learned in this article there are some jobs that will not allow you to adorn a lot of piercings on the job, not only for professional decorum reasons but also because of safety reasons.

However, if you have a creative mind or are good with the grunt work then there are lots of opportunities for you to explore that not only do not stop you from having nose piercings but may also endorse them.

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  1. Not always correct – I was an office manager in government and nose piercings were never an issue. Same applies for when I was in reception. I saw many stakeholders and clients

    My partner who is an officer also has a nose piercing – he is allowed to wear it when at the station but it is proffered he has it out when on patrol (for safety reasons I.e someone rips it out). Main thing I’ve seen that has caused issues with jobs is hand and facial tattoos – I personally find it silly but the stigma is still there


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