Mood Ring Color Meanings: Should You Believe?

mood ring color meanings

There are many stories about how the mood rings came into being. All of the stories you may hear or read about come from some reliable source. However, the one that is often found is where Joshua Reynolds a New York Street Marketing Executive came up with the Mood Ring idea. He developed the ring …

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Jobs That Don’t Allow Nose Piercings

jobs that don’t allow nose piercings

Nose piercings have been a part of many cultures over the years. However lately piercings themselves on any part of the body have become a norm. The piercings may be considered harmless, appropriate, and even loved, but there are some cultures that do not appreciate nose rings, especially in a workplace or a corporate environment …

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What is a promise ring?

how long should you wait to give a promise ring

A promise ring is a beautiful gesture that comes before the bigger step of engagement. If people want to go to the next level in a relationship without getting into the real adult relationship stuff, they choose to give their chosen one a promise ring. Now, this makes us wonder what a promise ring is. …

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